Disaspora: Rimon GuimarĂ£es

18 - 24 September 2017

Maze Gallery presents the first major London exhibition by Rimon Guimarães, the exciting Brazilian artist whose colourful murals have made him one of the most talked about new talents on the urban art scene.  This exhibition follows a project in Syria and Lebanon this year which aimed to give support to Syrian refugees in the shape of street art.  Following this, Rimon was invited to New York City where he was commissioned to paint a mural in Queens, NY. 


Along with this body of work which will include two dozen canvases, Rimon will create a mural in Shoreditch, the heart of the London street art scene to bring colour to London. 


Anthropology and African art play a major role in Guimarães’ work and much of this collection explores the theme of the African diaspora reflecting the cultural mix around the world.  Many of these artworks on display will go on to translate as ideas for large scale street art and murals around the world – further enhancing the idea of this global cultural mix that we see in this work.


Guimarães’ work recalls that of the Brazilian Naïve art scene of the late 1940’s.  Full of colour, music and movement, Guimarães attempts to create a dreamlike state whereby the individual lose themselves to forget their daily monotony.