Stardust: JM Robert

5 - 26 March 2020

JM Robert makes his long awaited return to London with STARDUST, his follow up solo exhibition in conjunction with Maze Gallery's one year anniversary in Barnes.This collection is inspired by the idea of wanderlust and our fast paced, modern, cosmopolitan life through JM Robert's use of energetic, expressive dashes of vibrant colours that fill us with the same sense of energy by which they were created.


Where JM Robert's previous exhibition 'Secret Garden' brought an homage to artists of the past, STARDUST looks to the future with a luminous colour palette whilst expanding his own technique through the use of oil paints.


Beginning his career imitating patina effects and observing the manner dirt and degradation alters the facades of buildings.  JM Robert gradually developed his own style through his graphics design background and paints stenciled faces onto an abstract background that reflect the worn and deteriorated effects of urban walls.



JM Robert wants his paintings to speak a contemporary pictorial language as it is expressed on the walls of our cities.Through his paintings, JM Robert immediately captures our eyes and invites us to engage with the gaze of an anonymous face.


Contact us through to RSVP and join us for a champagne reception on Thursday 5th March between 6:30pm - 8:30pm where JM Robert will be attendance for the unveiling of his new collection. STARDUST.