Secret Garden: JM Robert

16 - 31 May 2019

In this collection JM Robert is searching for his contemporary manifesto and asks - what is he today?


So that everyone can answer this question, JM Robert offers us stunning new paintings from this exclusive collection. Artworks, which are multicoloured, haloed with a sustained brilliance that shimmers and evokes different versions of a garden, an Eden of with these modern muses jealously guard its secrets.


This collection alternates between the romanticism of the floral decoration and the realism of the 18th and 19th century papers. The artworks in this collection are both evocative and a tribute to the colourful paintings of Edouard Vuillard, Pierre Bonnard, Maurice Denis and Paul Gauguin.


Here we will discover that the secret garden of JM Robert is much like that of these great painters of the past, a real delight for the eyes and the heart.


JM Robert, (b. 1988) began painting at a young age imitating the effects of patina, dirt and degradation that he observed on the facades of buildings, afterwards completing studies in arts and crafts in graphic design and décor where he learnt the professional techniques of trompe l’oeil.  His artworks are very much inspired by urban art and artists from the 19th and 20th century. Gradually he developed his own style whereby in an incisive and percussive graphic design, he draws stenciled faces on an abstract background that reflect the degraded, deteriorated effects of urban walls.


JM Robert wants his paintings to speak a contemporary pictorial language as it is expressed on the walls of our cities. Through his paintings, JM Robert immediately captures our eyes and invites us to grasp this presence, strong and brief with a striking look, an anonymous face.