Joe Suzuki

Joe Suzuki thinks of his work as artifacts of his own particular mixed culture, which developed as a result of being an immigrant to the US during the late 80’s in his early teens. During a long assimilation process, he found himself not belonging to either culture, but rather somewhere in between, and ultimately began to accept and celebrate his own.peculiar culture. 
Suzuki views his culture as a confluence of multiple vectors with no hierarchy or order. He is interested, both visually and conceptually, in melding and mending such notions as East vs. West, high vs. low, commodity vs. craft, tradition vs. fads, and icon vs. iconoclasm. He sees his art making as an investigation that documents his ever changing, mutating, polyglot reality. Suzuki's work is informed by his life, contingent on ordinary, real world experiences as a middle class artist dad, who is simply trying to make sense of it all.

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